Walk the GR221 for Cancer Support Mallorca

Hi, I´m Anita Vince…

…a 44 year wife and mother of 3 children aged 14, 11 and 9. In 2014 I discovered I had breast cancer and began a rather unpleasant journey to battle and beat it.

As part of the healing process I decided to organise to ‘Walk Against Cancer’, along the GR221 or Dry Stone Way, in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca, from coast to coast.

The idea was to give me a goal and a purpose towards getting well again in both body and mind. What better way than to raise some money for the cancer charities that do so much to support people on this island of Mallorca where I live.  Learn more >

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Cancer Support Group Mallorca

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Cancer Support Group (CSG) is a registered association who´s aim is to help patients, relatives, and carers or anybody who has been affected by Cancer.

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